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“Habitability and Life on Venus” The 18th Annual Where on Earth Are We Going? Symposium of the Robert F. Schumann Institute of the College of the Environment


On September 14, 2020, the world woke to an astonishing scientific finding: the possibility that life exists in the clouds above Venus. The scientific publications were covered in the international media causing Earth inhabitants to ponder how life could exist on such a seemingly uninhabitable world, with it’s completely dry and caustic atmosphere and surface temperature of approximately 900 degrees F. Our two panelists from the College of the Environment Think Tank, Professor Martha Gilmore from the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and the Menakka and Essel Bailey Jr. Distinguished Visiting Professor David Grinspoon of the Planetary Science Institute discussed the meaning of habitability and the possibility of life on Venus. Professors Gilmore and Grinspoon were broadly quoted in numerous media outlets about Venus and the potential for life. Professor Barry Chernoff, Director of the College of the Environment, served as moderator. This event was recorded on: 10/17/20

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