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Climate Mitigation: Three Perspectives


Hear from three Wesleyan alumni as they discuss climate mitigation from various perspectives within the field of Environmental research. Alyson Myers ’81, President of the Fearless Fund, discusses her experience working in the tropical Atlantic and Caribbean to find global solutions to help combat climate change. Tracey Osborne ’91, an Associate Professor in the Department of Management of Complex Systems at the University of California Merced and Director of UC Center for Climate Justice, joins our panel as well. She shares her work on climate change mitigation in tropical forests and the important role of Indigenous land use practices based on research conducted in Mexico and the Amazon. We are also joined by Chris Wilmers '95, a wildlife ecologist and Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He discusses how animals impact the carbon cycle and their roles in carbon sequestration. Our program is moderated by Barry Chernoff, Robert K. Schumann Chair of Environmental Studies and Director of the College of the Environment, at Wesleyan University. This program was recorded on: 05/14/2021

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