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Show Me The Numbers WESeminar


Alumni and parents are invited to learn about how Wesleyan is expanding engagement with data analysis across different majors and the work that students are doing through Wesleyan’s Quantitative Analysis Center (QAC). Moderated by QAC Director Manolis Kaparakis, this virtual WESeminar will feature a panel of faculty, students and alumni sharing their experience with data analysis at Wesleyan and beyond. The Quantitative Analysis Center is a collaborative effort by academic and administrative departments. It coordinates support for quantitative analysis across the curriculum and provides an institutional framework for collaboration across departments and disciplines in data analysis. The QAC also provides opportunities for students to expand their education by working on to real world problems outside of traditional classroom settings. These opportunities include internships, practicums, workshops, and flipped classrooms. Data labs offer students analytic experiences solving real world issues under the mentorship of experienced faculty. This event was recorded on: 12/09/2021

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